Smoked Salmon Breakfast Sandwich

Have you ever eaten something so good you forget about everything else in life besides the next delicious bite? Not sure if that’s a healthy reaction to food but I swear Trader Joe’s is sneaking drugs into their “pastrami style” smoked salmon. I didn’t have high expectations for this salmon because my impulse purchases at Trader Joe’s tend to be hit or miss, but this was definitely a hit. I basically ate the whole pack with a loaf of bread and a glass of pinot noir for dinner and immediately went from sad med student–>high on smoked salmon.


The next morning, I realized had one piece of this magic left and decided to make it into a breakfast sandwich. Toasted half of an everything bagel, spread on whipped chive cream cheese, layered on thinly sliced red onion, then a scrambled egg (made with a tablespoon of water so it stays light), and smoked salmon on top with some extra chives on top for good luck and fresh breath.

Probably not the healthiest breakfast choice but that’s why I kept it an open faced sandwich-for healthy balance. Also sometimes I eat hippie things like kale and hemp seeds and coconut oil so I can feel better about the amount of carbs that go into my body 🙂

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