Prosciutto Mozzarella Panini

Trader Joe’s is a dangerous place if you shop hungry. I ran in after yoga thinking I was only going to pick up a ball of mozzarella, and came out a half hour later with 3 giant bags of food. It was so worth it though because their cheese section is heavenly and I got a plethora of sandwich ingredients for the week. Also, I brought home an avocado earlier in the wee for the first time ever and I’m excited to use it! I’ve only tried avocado a few times before and never fell in love with it, meaning I need to try different things with it. It sounds like a food I would love, so I’m determined to love it.




Today I fried up some prosciutto with mushrooms and put it on a sandwich with pesto, avocado, spinach, and mozzarella.  I put it on the panini grill for a couple minutes and it turned out great! It was a teeny bit too salty for my taste, so next time I’ll either put less prosciutto on or more avocado. I loved the avocado on it but only used a quarter of it. I didn’t want it to oxidize and turn brown, so after doing some research, I found that if you store it in a container in the fridge with a cut-up onion, it will stay green!


prosciutto avocado



  • 2 slices of bread
  • butter or olive oil
  • few slices of prosciutto
  • 3ish baby bella mushrooms
  • enough mozzarella cheese to cover the bread (got the presliced log from TJ)
  • pesto (got mine from the refrigerated section of TJ)
  • handful of spinach
  • 1/4 of an avocado


1) Heat up a pan over medium heat and drop a little bit of butter or olive in it. Preheat the panini maker.

2) Slice up the mushrooms and throw them into the pan.

3) After a couple minutes, add the slices of prosciutto in the pan with the mushrooms and stir around for a couple minutes.

4) When the mushrooms/prosciutto mixture looks done enough for you, assemble the sandwich!

5) I put the mozzarella on top of a piece of bread, then layered on some pesto, then the mushroom/prosciutto, avocado, and spinach.

6) At this point, you can put it on a preheated panini maker or you can use the pan on the stove to grill it!


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