Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich on an Everything Challah


There’s not much in life that gives you more immediate satisfaction than making challah. It only takes around 3 hours from the moment you think to yourself “I want bread” to the moment you pull the bread out of the oven. Every step from making the dough, to braiding the strands, to smelling it bake in the oven is so rewarding. I got the recipe for this Everything Challah from the creative geniuses over at Challah Hub.

everything challah


Since I ate a few pieces of challah while getting the rest of the ingredients ready, I decided to make an open faced sandwich so I don’t completely kill my bikini bod dreams. Also because the bread is perfect for fork-cutting. I also would’ve added some potatoes if I had more self control with the challah eating. Potatoes are great.


open face challah sandwich 2



I decided to just go with eggs, sweet onions, sage sausage, shredded white cheddar, and chives. I had some excess egg mixture that didn’t fit on the bread but it’s an open face sandwich so who cares.


open face challah sandwich


Recipe: makes one sandwich

  • Challah or other type of bread
  • 1 serving sausage (I used Jimmy Dean sage sausage)
  • few Tbsp sweet onion, chopped
  • 2 eggs
  • handful of shredded cheese
  • fresh chives for topping


1) Heat a pan over medium-high heat and add the chopped onions & sausage. Oil isn’t necessary here because the sausage has enough to cook the onion. As it’s cooking, break up the sausage with your spatula and cook until you don’t see anymore pink. Turn the heat down to medium-low.

2) Beat two eggs in a bowl and throw them in with the sausage/onion mixture. Wait a second for it to set and then scramble those eggs.

3) Toast the challah and set it on the plate. When the eggs are done, turn off the heat and add the shredded cheese. Stir it around until all the cheese is melted then transfer it on top of the bread. If it doesn’t all fit, it’s okay cause it’s an open faced sandwich and it will all get into your mouth somehow.

4) Top with chives or whatever spices you have. Enjoy. 🙂

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