Chicken Pepperoni Avocado Sandwich with Pesto Mayo

I’m not very creative and really struggled to think of a name for this sandwich. It’s almost like a BLT but without bacon so it’s not really. I was thinking about naming it CPALT (chicken pepperoni avocado lettuce tomato) but there’s so many letters in that and no one needs that kind of stress in their lives. Anyway, I just gave it a lame name and moved on with my life because I should probably be studying.

This sandwich was so beautiful and delicious. I had the most perfect avocado thanks to my friend Chris! You know you have a quality friend when he lets you bring over your unripe avocado to trade for one of his ripe ones…and lets you know about the BOGOs he finds at the grocery store. Food friends are the best.

I used chicken breast, sandwich pepperoni, avocado, mozzarella, shaved parmesan, lettuce, and tomato. I mixed together 1 part reduced fat mayo and 1 part pesto and I think it complemented the rest of the ingredients well. You can easily make variations by using whatever you have in the fridge-turkey breast, cheddar cheese, etc.

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