BLT Sandwich

Have you ever tried turkey bacon? I made the mistake of buying it a while ago, thinking it would be a healthy but still delicious choice. Boy was I wrong. You know that dream you have where you’re trying to run but you’re moving in slow motion…or you’re really thirsty but can’t find water? Well that’s how this felt, but in real life. Your stomach wants bacon but it grows more and more unsatisfied with every bite. The tears I shed every time I opened the refrigerator door and saw the package laying there tasted more satisfying than the bacon itself.

Anyway, moral of that rant is: Learn from my mistakes and DON’T buy turkey bacon unless you want to be a sad panda for a month. You might as well get the real thing and eat it in moderation. Maybe you can trick your stomach, but mine won’t be fooled.

So now that I have real bacon on hand this month, I’ve been making lots of BLTs because they’re easy to assemble and it’s kinda like a salad on a bun. Speaking of tomatoes, I got the most amazing heirlooms from Rosewood Market this week. The black heirlooms were really cool looking, but the definite winner was the giant yellow one I bought with red streaks throughout.

You want to use the freshest tomatoes and lettuce for BLTs and really, anything in life. I can’t buy tomatoes and lettuce from regular grocery stores anymore because the tomatoes taste fake and the lettuce tastes like chemicals. Why spend your money on fake produce when you can support your local farms/businesses for the same price?

Freshly Grown Farm’s lettuce is so beautiful and clean tasting, and they grow it hydroponically so that means I can get it all year round…right? I hope so.

Also, bacon is nice because you can make a big batch and microwave it later to make it crispy. Unless you eat the whole plate and don’t have leftovers.


  • bun
  • 2-3 slices of bacon
  • 1 big slice of tomato, preferably the same size as your bun
  • 2 leaves of lettuce, butter or romaine
  • 1-2 Tbsp mayo
  • salt & pepper

I don’t think you really need instructions for this. Make the bacon, and while you’re waiting for it to crisp up, assemble your other ingredients. Toast the bread, spread some mayo on the top bun, layer on lettuce, and tomato on the bottom bun. Salt and pepper that tomato. And then once the bacon’s done, plop it on there! Cheese never hurts either.

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