BBQ Pork Waffle Sandwich with Broccoli Slaw

Now that school’s done for the semester, I have nothing to distract me from binge watching Grey’s and having unlimited food adventures in my kitchen and out in the world. Food trucks are slowly starting to appear around the city and my favorite one this year has been The Belgian Waffle Truck. Food…in between waffles….GENIUS.

After trying a couple of their creations, I decided that waffles can easily replace bread in my life for a while. The first one I made had leftover barbecue pork from ribs I made the night before, broccoli slaw, and pimento cheese. Even though this picture has pimento cheese in it, I decided that the pimento cheese was too overwhelming in the sandwich and took away from the pork.

Also, I made these waffles slightly softer than I normally would since I made a whole stack. That way I can save some for later and can easily throw it in the toaster oven. Putting the waffle sandwich in the panini grill takes it to the next level because the outside is slightly crisp and the inside is still soft.

This is the beginning of a new sandwich era so look out for  lots of waffles and lots of sandwiches. 🙂

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